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white-rican asked:

Did I fuck up by buying MH3U (3DS) without having anyone to play with because I feel like I'll have kill and gotten much better items by now. How hard did I fuck up, senpai?

You fucked up juuust a little bit. 3DS version doesn’t have any online, unless you play it through a Wii U copy. So I mean, you COULD get a copy of the Wii U version (and a Wii U if you don’t already have one) and THEN you could transfer your save over and play it online. 

Or you could just fuck all that shit and wait for Monster Hunter 4.

drusm157 asked:

Dear Brad, what's the best advice you can give for someone who is getting tired of seeing all this negative shit online (not from you, but from, you know, the legions of assholes saying awful shit that makes me die inside) but doesn't know how to deal? I dunno if I should just drink myself into a stupor, take an axe and destroy my internet router, or just run naked through the streets. Thanks!

Take a break, play some video games or somethin’, go replay an old game you like. I sat down and played through most of Tron Bonne again for that one gif set and it was the best therapy ever. 

If that doesn’t work then fuck it, go run naked through the streets. 

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