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Anonymous asked:

Aaaw… hope Leslie gets better soon :3

Well, she’s couch-ridden now, tucked in with a blanket and pillow watching Frasier on Netflix with her chihuahua right beside her. I’m taking good care of her!


Anonymous asked:

Are ya gonna do another guest comic week anytime soon?

We usually don’t like to do guest comic weeks in the middle of a chapter, so probably not until this story wraps up. 

centipede-damascus asked:

Seen any good new anime lately?

Nothing really new, I guess. We’re still trying to catch up on 2011 Jojo. The only new anime we keep up with is Space Dandy right now. It’s kind of hard for us to watch decent anime because we’re always working and don’t have time to read subs.

Nalem introduced us to an anime called Ebichu, a super cute/unbelievably vulgar little anime that Leslie and I had somehow completely missed out on. We fucking love it. 

seraalexandria asked:

As long as we acknowledge the opening was the only good thing they added to One Piece, and the dub itself is a horrible abomination I'm cool with it. I still believe One Piece could have become as big as Naruto and Bleach stateside if it had a better dub.

Yeah, it’s kind of amazing how 4kids managed to fuck that up so badly. I mean, it picked up traction eventually and it’s still pretty huge, but god damn, they nearly ruined it stateside. 

nintendofanboycole asked:

How are you liking Not Louisiana so far?

Bad things about living in Not Louisiana:

  • No delicious Raising Canes chicken fingers
  • Way more spiders than anticipated

THAT’S IT. EVERYTHING ELSE IS FUCKING WONDERFUL. It’s beautiful here and there’s so much shit in walking distance and the weather is constantly nice and the groceries are slightly cheaper and there’s free cable and we’re not constantly bombarded with news reports of murders and drug busts in our neighborhood every day! 

All my life, the only thing I’ve ever wanted to do was to get the fuck out of Louisiana. I still can’t believe we finally did that. Even though we’re always working on comics still, I feel like I’m on vacation. Like that we’re gonna have to go back to fucking Tigerland, Louisiana at some point because the place we’re at now is too fucking good for us. But we’re finally out and we can’t be happier.


Anonymous asked:

Don't you think Kim and Matt look kind of like rule 63 versions of each other?

Eh, they’re just both tiny brunettes. They both have very different facial features (Matt’s bean-like head, for one).

Even though Matt’s kind of drifted away from Dan and Kim, Kim’s always considered Matt to be kind of a younger brother to her. Unfortunately, we’ve never really gotten a chance to do much interaction between them, so that never really came out in the comics. Hopefully we can expand on that later.


Anonymous asked:

hey, i live in kentucky! which part are you moving to? sorry if this sounds weird, i just know the north, east, and west sides are all pretty different

We’re currently living in the North part of Kentucky! Apparently it’s the best part. We drove through the south part, though, and there was a Chevy/sinkhole museum and miles upon miles of cornfields. I think we also passed up a giant t-rex statue at some point? It’s all a blur of corn, honestly.

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