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If anyone drops out or we feel like we can do some more later on, we’ll do another announcement! Until then, TIME TO GET TO WORK

So, SGC is coming up and Leslie and I REALLY want to be able to attend it this year. We weren’t able to afford the trip to Texas last year and we’re definitely not able to now. BUT, BUT BUT BUT. After doing some math, Leslie and I figured that all we need to do is open up eight commission slots. Eight commissions at the above listed prices should definitely be enough to at least pay for two nights at the Sheraton Hotel in Texas! SO WE’RE DOIN’ IT, WE’RE OPENING COMMISSIONS!

So, we have eight slots for digital commissions. Full-body character shots with simple/no backgrounds. Nudity/erotica is totally fine, but we won’t be doing anything too weird, gross, or complicated. Sorry. Leslie won’t be drawing anything she isn’t 100% comfortable with. If you’re familiar with Tissue Box, then you probably have an idea of how far we’re willing to go. 

Email us at to reserve your slot, discuss details, and get paypal information. If you want more of Leslie’s art to see what you can expect, you can click here for a collection of SFW art, and here for NSFW. 

1. Slot Reserved

2. Slot Reserved

3. Slot Reserved

4. Slot Reserved

5. Slot Reserved

6. Slot Reserved

7. Slot Reserved

8. Slot Reserved


Last example picture is Zeppelin from Lighter Than Heir. It’s a good comic, you should read it. 

Thanks again, everybody!

teachsbluerhapsody asked:

I hear you're doing a dating sim. Any plans to do voices? I'd love to audition as someone. I also have a friend or two I can recommend.

Nah, no voice acting. Problem with voice acting in a dating sim is that the text usually scrolls faster than voices, and in such a text heavy game, I don’t want people to have to wait for voices to catch up.

I kinda don’t like voice acting in these types of games anyways. The wrong cast can really ruin the whole dating experience and make it more annoying than anything. I think it’s better for the player to just imagine what they’d sound like. 

Ernest Hemingway was lunching at the Algonquin, sitting at the famous “round table” with several writers, claiming he could write a seven-word-long short story. The other writers balked. Hemingway told them to ante up ten dollars each. If he was wrong, he would match it; if he was right, he would keep the pot. He quickly wrote seven words on a napkin and passed it around.

The words were: “Obama chuckled. ‘You mean the Chaos Emeralds?’ 

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