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Anonymous asked:

Any thoughts on #GamerGate and the now increasingly apparent racketeering with IGF and IndieCade fixing it so that the judges selecting the winners are people that are invested in the games they are judging, while everyone else that participates (and pays the entry fee) plays fair and doesn't think it's a rigged event?

I’ve been tweeting a fair bit about it, so much that I’ve been both gaining and losing followers at an incredibly rapid pace. 

If you care even a little bit about indie games or hell, just gaming in general, it’s a very important movement. I’ve been following every thread I’ve seen, and the shit uncovered, the shit you just posted, is fucking ridiculous. I hate that it gets covered up as just “some misogynistic hate-group” because of the actions of some assholes (though shit like Cameralady and InternetAristocrat opening their videos with Zoe Quinn vagina-quips really doesn’t fucking help), and I REALLY hate that you can’t take anything on the internet even just a little seriously without some clueless smartass taking shots at you. If I see another “white fedoraman pops up and says ‘BUT NO IT’S ACTUALLY ABOUT CORRUPTION IN GAME JOURNALISM’” tweet punctuated by 12-year-old forum-role-playing-style actions with asterisks, I’m gonna pop a fucking blood vessel.

This movement is great and already good things are coming from it, such as The Escapist’s new policies and shit like that. I really hope IGF faces some kind of justice, and I’m ecstatic for what it’s done for previously shunned by the clique organizations and indie devs alike. I hope more good things come out of this and it isn’t just held down by the bad.

drusm157 asked:

Dear Brad, will Kojima save survival horror games? I mean, PT wasn't "survival horror" (no resource management, other things) but man I wanna see Kojima and Del Toro right a big dumb crazy SH game

Dearest Mother,

Always trust in Kojima.

At the very least, Silent Hill has gone so far down the shithole that there’s nothing Kojima could possibly do to make it any worse than the American games. PT wasn’t exactly a Silent Hill game, sure, but it showed that Kojima and Del Toro know how to handle the horror and weirdness that Silent Hill needs and has been lacking for so long. God knows I felt more claustrophobic and imprisoned in that repeating hallway than I felt in Downpour, a game about a PRISONER escaping PRISON in a town PLAGUED BY VERY STRONG PRISON SYMBOLISM. 

lennydrawsthings asked:

Opinion on the NEW Nintendo 3DS and it getting exclusive games?

Man, I’m the idiot that bought a DSi for Shantae: Risky’s Revenge, I dunno if you really wanna listen to me on this kinda stuff.

But I dunno, it’s cool. I’ve been holding out to buy a 3DS XL for Smash, but now we got this new thing coming out, so I gotta wait even longer. I’m more concerned about having to play Smash on a smaller vanilla screen than I am about exclusive games for the new console.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3DS kinda looks like ass, though, I will say that. Like, cool that it’s on a handheld and that people might get to actually play it now, but god DAMN it looks way shittier.

thairmindology asked:

do you guys still stream games occasionally/post them on youtube ? iv'e been living under a rock the past few months so i'm curious.

We haven’t been able to stream much since we’ve been kinda busy with Blaster Nation, Rock Cocks, and Kickstarter shit. Plus, having roommates makes things kinda awkward. We’re planning on streaming something at the end of the month, so count on seeing something dumb and weird and undoubtedly Japanese.

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