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panzito asked:

Darnit, was really looking forward to the release. Alright, what are your favorite alcoholic drinks? Like making mixed drinks?

Drinking is expensive, so we don’t really drink…ever.

I pretty much only drink water and Leslie drinks Earl Grey tea and coffee.

We’re incredibly boring people. 


Anonymous asked:

Do you guys have ref sheets for your characters?

Nah, we got too many characters to make reference sheets out of. If we do, they’re somewhere in Leslie’s many sketchbooks buried in our room. You’d be better off just digging up good shots of the characters in the archive.

nintendofanboycole asked:

What were your and Leslie's reactions to the new updates to the new Smash Bros?

I livetweeted the whole thing, and I still don’t think it accurately describes our varying degrees of YOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Seriously, Sakurai is so good at toying with emotions, I love that guy.

I’m huge into Smash. HUGE. I was in the tourney scene for a decade (even though I like playing with items and random characters way more). I was happy with pretty much every aspect announced in that video, and the things I was kind of iffy on, I could see the reasoning behind them. 

We are SO hyped for this. Japan Time is always the best time. 


Anonymous asked:

Who are each of your favorite characters or have they even appeared in the comic yet?

Leslie picked Ash’s mom (who is super fun to write for). I pick Kim because she’s kawaii and gives me plenty of opportunities to surprise people with.

We’ve pretty much shown the whole cast now, but we have some really interesting twists in store for some of the characters that I can’t wait to get into. 


Anonymous asked:

When will you have a book so I can throw money at your faces?

We totally will! We were planning on launching a Kickstarter at the end of this month just for such a thing, buuut then twenty other webcomic kickstarters popped up. So we’re going to push it back a bit. Maybe late May? We’ll see!


Anonymous asked:

Wait, huh? I pretty distinctly remember a Batch Time porn thing with some BN-looking characters.

You’re probably remembering the porn we did for Jack Cayless back when Chimneyspeak existed. 

Leslie and I aren’t quite fond of that comic we did for the previously listed reasons. Looking back on it, it’s not a great comic (to us) and not something we’re terribly proud to have our name on. We think a Blaster Nation porn comic would betray the nature of the comics and come out looking weird in the same way that Chimneyspeak porn comic did.

It’s just not something we want to do, man


Anonymous asked:

I know you guys do it as an April Fools joke, but have you ever legitimately thought about making a Slipshine BN comic?

Naaah, I don’t think we ever will. We never really created the Blaster Nation crew with porn in mind, and we think the style for Blaster Nation is too cartoony to make good porn. 

We definitely like to see fanporn of the Blaster Nation characters because hey, what better way to know that you’ve made a character someone REALLY loves? It feels cheap if we make the porn ourselves, though. 

freeglassart asked:

Aheh. Speaking of Blaster Nation ending.... Do you think it's preferrable having a webcomic going on perpetually, all things considered? I keep hearing the best approach for the creators is to give it a concise Beginning Middle and End.

Nah, we don’t plan on keeping it going forever and I don’t really care too much for things that do. While we never had everything planned in between, we always had an idea for Blaster Nation’s beginning, middle, and end. We’re almost at the middle part, and the end still hasn’t changed for us. 

iceheart92 asked:

Hi guys! What ever happened to the Rock Cocks?

Remember that episode of The Simpsons where Homer has all of Maggie’s photos covering up a mean plaque Mr. Burns put up? The whole “Do it for her” thing?

That’s basically us. We have a bunch of Rock Cock pages on Leslie’s wall, so we’ll never forget the story we REALLY want to do but never have time to. 

tvfan137 asked:

HUGE FAN! Not gonna ask spoilers, not gonna ask about Rock Cocks, but you guys did mention a fantasy epic somewhere done the pipeline on a podcast once. I wanted to know if there was any traction on that?

That fantasy epic is definitely still something we want to do! Yeah, it’s right there next to the podcast, regular let’s plays, Rock Cocks, and that comic about the rodeo cowboy that wrestles giant monsters.

In all honesty, that fantasy comic will probably be what we start on as soon as Blaster Nation ends. Of course, we don’t plan on ending Blaster Nation any time soon, soooooo it’ll have to wait. 

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