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Here they are! For all you people anxiously awaiting Tomodachi Life (like I am), here’s all THIRTY Miis I’ve made spanning across the entirety of Leslie and I’s comic life. It was hard to get some of them right (especially characters with crazy hair like Suria or highlights like Ash’s mom), but I tried my best and I’m pretty proud of them! Whether you’re a fan of Blaster Nation or any of our more scandalous works, we hope these Miis will be of use for those that want a little bit of us in their Tomodachi Life. 

Aaaand if you Tumblr’s messing up and you need higher-quality images, you can find them all in the Blaster Nation bonus section! 

(I lied, Leslie made the one of herself. That’s why it’s the cutest)


Bayonetta and the Sailor Scouts are the only characters that I know that fight in high heels and pull it off.

When you take a more serious character or one that’s more grounded in reality and make them run around in combat scenarios in high heels (Samara from Mass Effect, Zero Suit Samus, Cat Woman, etc), I can’t help but roll my eyes.

There is absolutely nothing about Metroid that is grounded in reality. The high heels “not being realistic” isn’t a problem. There’s NOTHING realistic about Smash or Metroid. 

The problem is how this depicts Samus as a character. Thanks to her former role as a silent protagonist, people have come up with their own vision for the character. A lot of people imagined Samus as this tough, buff Amazonian warrior based on the promo art. Others like how pretty she is in the ending cutscenes and want to explore the “womanly” side of her, whether the intention is innocent or not. Nintendo (or director Sakamoto, mostly) is on the “girlier” side, and they doubled down on girliness with Other M. Samus in heels only began to exist in that game, where the heels were BUILT into her Zero Suit. I honestly feel like Sakurai HAD to use Sakamoto’s Other M design because of internal politics, and because of that, he at least tried to make the heels practical in some sense. No liked Starfox: Command-era Fox, but he’s the most recent iteration so they have to go with that.

Even though I’m an avid hater of Other M, I do kind of like the juxtaposition of this beautiful, super-feminine woman in a cold, genderless suit of space armor. I think that’s neat. But I also liked the silent, badass, take-no-shit Samus from Super M and the Prime games. I think Smash Samus meets in the middle. She’s a lot more fierce-looking than in Brawl or Other M, while still being pretty. We might not get 6”3 badass Super M Samus, but I don’t think this design is inherently bad either.


Anonymous asked:

Have you read the Metal Gear Solid novel? If you haven't, you're not a REAL fan.

I actually did use to own the MGS novel, but I lost it along with my extensive library of video game magazines from 1995-2007. 

I miss those books.

nintendofanboycole asked:

And a follow up question, you think you'd be willing to fight some of your followers when the 3DS version comes out, also yes that was also my reaction during.

Oh HELL yes I would. I actually rebought Brawl so I could play Project M/vanilla against fans and readers and other webcomic people.

Buuut of course, Nintendo announced that they were shutting off online services so fuck. 

panzito asked:

Darnit, was really looking forward to the release. Alright, what are your favorite alcoholic drinks? Like making mixed drinks?

Drinking is expensive, so we don’t really drink…ever.

I pretty much only drink water and Leslie drinks Earl Grey tea and coffee.

We’re incredibly boring people. 

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