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the-spot-of-lime asked:

Have you played the Disgaea games? Have your heard of The Megas?

I never really liked the Disgaea games that much and on a related note, I’m constantly perplexed by how NISA stays in business. 

The Megas are alright but their lyrics usually make me laugh more than anything.





white-rican asked:

Will you two really use that project diva controller you have on your wishlist? Are you trying to turn your living room into a Japanese arcade?

I just kinda put it on as a joke since Leslie loves Project Diva so much. 

I’mma go ahead and take it off though so somebody doesn’t blow $160 on a controller that only works for one video game. Maybe one day we’ll buy it for ourselves…if they ever bring any more Project Diva games stateside.


Anonymous asked:

So between One Piece, Naruto, Bleach and Fairy Tail, how would you rate them, and why?

One Piece is great

Naruto is shit

Bleach’s first OP was kinda cool, wish we had a show more like that

Never watched Fairy Tail

white-rican asked:

Have you ever played that crappy monster rancher card game on the ps1? Can't be a true monster rancher fan without putting all of your cd's into the ps1 to get cards.

Nah, I only played Monster Rancher 1 and 2. I’ve never been big on card games, even if they’re based on my favorite things ever.

Fun fact: Leslie keeps a Mankey card in her wallet at all times, just in case of emergencies. 


Anonymous asked:

Ever thought of making an official Blasternation dub, Friends, Please? I'm desperate! (Oh and I think Nowacking should voice Rinnie)

Nah, there’s not enough of us here to do a dub ourselves, and I don’t think either of us really sound enough like what we think our characters sound like.

We’ve gotten a lot of emails and asks about other people who want to do Blaster Nation dubs, so hey, one of them’s bound to make a dub eventually! 

existential-nothingness asked:

What're your thoughts on Skullgirls? It seems like a game that you both might enjoy. Then again I don't know if you're even into fighters so... eh. But Love the comic, keep up the great work guys!


Skullgirls is one of my favorite modern-day fighters and I wish it got more love. I’d rather watch a Skullgirls tourney over a Marvel 3 tourney any goddamn day of the year. 

Kinda wish Molly and Minette got in instead of Beowulf and Eliza, though.

not-shazam asked:

What are some games you'd recommend to all 3DS owners?

I honestly haven’t played all that many 3DS games to make a big enough list and I feel like I’d piss off everyone with all my exclusions. I still haven’t played Luigi’s Mansion, Bravely Default, Dream Team, etc. 

So instead, uh, I’d recommend Fire Emblem: Awakening, Tomodachi Life, Kid Icarus: Uprising, and Link Between Worlds. 

I also really love Senran Kagura and the 3DS port of Shantae, but uh, I don’t know if I’d recommend those to everyone.

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